10 Signs of Being Sick Cat

If you have a pet cat at home, then you definitely want to take good care. In terms of caring for cats, you should understand and know all about cat health problems, including the characteristics, symptoms, and signs of a sick cat. This is certainly very useful if your pet cat health problems.
Here are the signs a cat is sick you should know. These signs apply to all types of cats, including pet cats and wild cats.

10 signs of a sick cat that is:

  1. Cats look like fatigue and lethargy.
  2. If sick, the cat will shake his head excessively.
  3. Cats who are sick, then her appetite will decrease, and could even increase markedly.
  4. Cats will consume water excessively.
  5. There will be an abnormal fluid coming out of the holes in the body of a cat, like the cat’s eyes, nose, ears and other.
  6. Cats have a hard time throwing dirt.
  7. Cat’s weight can be increased or decreased rapidly.
  8. Cats become more aggressive and hyperactive.
  9. Visible limp or difficult to stand.
  10. Seen there are body parts swell cat.

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