African Dog Azawakh from Tribes Nomad, Sahara

Azawakh is African dog who grew up in southern by the tribes Nomad, Sahara, and also raised in the countries of Mali, southern Algeria, Burkina Faso, and Niger. List the different types of animals are high, with a high body is in the range of 24-29 inches and weight range at 15 and 25 kg.

African dog is a unique dog and very loyal to her employer, the type of dogs has been breed and has a great selection of colors, like red, gray, blue, black, blue, brown, and also has a white color to complement the other colors.

Azawakh has a very strong energy and energetic with great stamina, is very suitable as the animals that live outdoors. Because of the nature of African dog is easily bored if it is always in the room, so the owner of Azawakh should routinely take a walk or practicing in the field. Azawakh dog’s life span is about 12 years, and although this African dog like to play outside the home, but he is very sensitive to cold air.

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