Alexandrine Parakeet, Green Bird’s Nobility

Alexandrine Parakeet is a bird with a beautiful green color dominates. This bird is classified as a large bird species with body sizes ranging from 58 centimeters when he has reached 23 years, and a wingspan of between 18.9 to 21.5 centimeters at the age of about 7.5 to 8.5 years. Alexandrine Parakeet is a very beautiful bird funny.

Alexandrine Parakeet has a blend of color are striking. Bird species is named after Alexander the Great since ancient times this beautiful bird species only owned by nobility and the rich only.

Alexandrine Parakeet including birds that are very popular in aviculturists. For the case of food, birds need a feed Alexandrine Parakeet fruit, nectar and shoots. This beautiful bird has a dominant color with a blend of glistening green-gray color, and excess Alexandrine Parakeet is a beautiful maroon color attached to the wings. This bird chest yellowish green, the color of the elongated tail is entirely yellow, and the tail to the top colored bluish green.

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