Angora, Funny Cat With a Variety of Colors From Ankara, Turkey

Angora cat is one type of long-haired cat originating from Ankara in central Turkey. Before there is a long-haired cat, Angora cat is very popular in his circle. This cat has a graceful posture, makes this cat very comfortable when lifted and caressed.

Turkish Angora cat is a funny cat with a round head, thick fur and a great body, very cute if you see a cat of this type. Angora have the privilege of the eye color, eye color is very beautiful, there is a green, blue and yellow. However, there is something unique from the eyes of Angora that is sometimes the one blue eye color of a yellow or green.

Angora cat coat color is a white, smoky, blue, red and others. What is clear, at this time Angora has more than twenty varieties. Angora cat lovers will be satisfied with a variety of colors fom this cat varieties.

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