Arowana, Wild Fish in Fresh Water

Arowana is a type of wild fish that live in freshwater, and can be found in rivers and lakes with shallow waters. Arowana fish is really like living in the river with calm waters and not bumpy. Wild fish species there are many Asian waters, even in some Asian countries like Indonesia, Arowana fish called the dragon because it has large scales and strong and there are whiskers on his mouth, like the figure of a dragon.

Although the fish that live wild river, but Arowana fish can be used as ornamental fish that live in ponds and Aquarium. Arowana fish has a long body shapes and beautiful colors that are very appealing to lovers of ornamental fish. Types of Arowana’s most famous and rare that is derived from the province of Kalimantan, Indonesia, known as red kalimantan. These types of Arowana fish, including protected in Indonesia, because it is almost extinct and very rare.

Because Arowana fish species are very rare red Kalimantan but has many enthusiasts, the Arowana breeder in Indonesia are competing to raise and cultivate this type of red kalimantan. Results cultivation of the red Arowana breeder Kalimantan produces a variety of new varieties, like Red Dragon, Super Red and more. Several other types of Arowana fish which was developed in Indonesia, namely, Golden Red, Gold Arowana, Silver Arowana, Arowana Irian Jaya, and much more.

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