Australian Kelpie, Shepherd Dogs are Friendly and Loyal

Australian Kelpie is a type of working dog known as the sheep dog. Although the medium size, but Kelpie has a body lean, strong and sturdy, so it is very active and agile in carrying out his duties as shepherd cattle dog. Type of dog Kelpie very astute in collecting livestock such as sheep, cattle, poultry or goats.

Australian Kelpie not only formidable in their fields as a shepherd dog, but he also was a faithful dog, had a responsive and friendly attitude towards children and other pets in the neighborhood. This working dog has physical characteristics that is easily recognizable, such as a sturdy body, the ear is parallel and straight up, body slightly longer than tall, and has a slightly dark coat color, like brown, black, reddish brown, brownish black, and bluish brown.

Image source : [ eurooscar / dogbreedworld ]

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