Balinese, Oriental Cat From the United States

Balinese is an oriental cats because her body shape is sleek and long. When viewed from this cats name, a cursory people think that the Balinese came from Bali, Indonesia, but it is wrong, because the cats oriental Balinese came from the United States.

Balinese is a cats that appears spontaneously as a result of mutation of the Siamese cats furry pendekn race, but due to the mutation of race Siam produce long-haired cats such as Balinese. This cat is a cats who has the same color as awarna in Siamese cats, which is lilac point, seal point, chocolate point, and blue points.

Balinese cats is Could say the most intelligent species among all types of long-haired cat. With a caring attitude and have the nature of attention, making Balinese tends to be loved by their owners. Balinese cats has 2 varieties, namely Contemporary Balinese and Traditional Balinese, but both types are different in terms of body shape and long fur.

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