Barbet, Best Family Dog From France

Barbet is the best dog for children and families. This dog is a rare breed in the world who came from France and is the animal that pleased with the water. Barbet dog has a wide variety of colors, the colors brown, black, white and black. The uniqueness of the color in dogs Barbet is the white color on this dog’s chest. Curly fur on the dog is the main attraction.

Although classified as medium-sized dog, but a large body of Barbet dog Among males and females are very different. Barbet male has 58 to 65 centimeters tall, while females between 52 to 61 centimeters. Barbet dog’s weight also varied, ranging from 17 to 28 kilo grams.

Barbet is the best family dog that is rare, therefore, up to now has not known for certain health problems that are often experienced by this dog. Barbet ages ranged from 13 to 15 years. However, recently there was a dog that died Barbet species at the age of 19 years. Barbet is a funny pets, like hanging out, and intelligent, so the dog Barbet very suitable for families and children who want to have a pet dog.

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