Basenji, Unique Dog From Africa

Basenji is a unique dog lively, energetic, handsome, and brave. These dogs originated from Africa, and is often regarded as a miniature deer because of its sturdy and straight ears like a deer, it illustrates his courage. Basenji is a pet dog with short hair and look elegant, so it is well suited for those who are allergic to feathers, because the Basenji dog is intelligent animals that rarely shed their feathers.

Basenji is a tough animal, he has a height of about 40 to 41 inches with a weight reached 11 kilograms. With the ideal size, these dogs have a high confidence, Basenji gait and ran like a horse running. Basenji dog have different color variations, there is the red, black, pinto, and tricolor. Disadvantages of the Basenji is, if left idle, so this dog will be overweight, so the owner should take her exercise routine, by walking or running in the field.

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