Basset Hound, Funny Dogs That are Suitable For Families

Basset Hound is a funny dog that are suitable for families, with a friendly nature, sweet and adorable, making this dog kept many dog lovers. Basset Hound have different colors, some white, brown and black. The uniqueness of this dog is a rare coat color, the colors gray and blue. So if you have a Basset Hound dog with the color blue and gray, it is a pride for you.

Basset Hound is dog that relies on sense of smell than the sharpness of the eye. With a height of about 12 to 15 inches and weighing about 45 to 60 pounds makes this dog as a family pet that matches kept at home. Health problems are often experienced by Basset Hound dog are eye and ear health.

Basset Hound included in the class of short-legged dog, but has a great body. Because of the short legs, the dog can not survive long in the water while swimming. This dog age range is approximately 10 to 12 years. You can rely on Basset Hound as a friend to play when bored because these dogs are very friendly and welcoming.


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