Beagle Dog, Good Dog For Adoption

Beagle Dog is a good dog to be adopted and maintained. This breed can be maintained because of intelligence and shrewdness in smell, therefore, this dog is also called a hunting dog. Beagle dogs are not classified as shy, also including one type of dog is not aggressive and is the smallest dog in the race.

Beagle dogs from the UK with a varied color. There is a dog with three colors and other color variations. Beagle also has four types based on body size and physical form ie, Beagle sizes small, medium, fox Beagle, and Beagle brushy.

Beagle is a dog with a short snout and wide ears with brown eyes. This cute dog has a long life, which is about 13-15 years. The disease is often faced by breeders Beagle is epilepsy. If at first glance, looks like a Beagle, Foxhound, but smaller size of this dog with a bigger head. So that this breed is often referred to as miniature Foxhound.

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