Bedlington Terrier, British Pet Dogs

Bedlington Terrier is a good dog that originated in England. This pet dog has a body weight ranging from 8 pounds up to 10 kilograms. High. Bedlington Terrier can be reached 41 cetimeter. At first glance, this looks almost like a sheep dog that small. Fine, is the main character’s pet dog owned by a Bedlington Terrier this. In addition, this dog is also famous for its attitude of politeness.

Bedlington Terrier is a dog that has a high enough level of intelligence. This pet dog has a unique coat color, so as to attract pet lovers. Bedlington Terrier always give full attention to the owner, and that dog owners can take away this kind of exercise to improve intelligence and maintain agility. Bedlington Terrier is also a dog that has a variety of unique, one of which is the fur that is not easily fall out. The average lifetime of a pet dog can reach up to the age of 13.5 years.

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