Bengal, Big Cat With Attractive Color

Bengal is a domestic cat who must be treated specially because it is sometimes still wild. This cat is the result of crossing the Asian Leopard Cat and American Shorthair. Not only stopped from crossing the course, a female cat from the crosses were then mated again with his father, so comes the new race called the Bengal cat.

Bengal is a big cat with attractive color that comes from the United States. This cat looks wild, but when you are in the care of the right will produce a docile and obedient cat. Bengal cat have a big body size and muscular, with a big head and little long and a long neck too, so that makes it seem kind of big cat and looks like a bengal tiger from India.

Bengal cat are very fond of swimming, and soaking in water. Because her favorite water, the Bengal cat has a distinctive and attractive colors, the colors silver, brown, sepia, seal lynx point, and mink.

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