Betta Fish, Freshwater Fish of Different Colors

Betta fish are freshwater fish species of small fish commonly known as a fighter. Although small in size, but the Betta fish have a variety of dazzling colors, and has a tail and for different forms, ranging from a fan, roses, scissor-shaped, long, short, oval, up to a circular hickey fish throughout the body.

Betta fish are often found in some Asian countries, because in Asia many pet breeders who breed these fish, so that the population of a wider range of new varieties are produced in Asia. Several Asian countries that have a lot of fish breeder Betta is, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and more. Betta fish in Vietnam and even become a trend that always developed into a variety of breeding new varieties, and the most popular in that State is the kind of fighter Betta fish.?

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