Birman, Cat With Beautiful Colors From Burma

Birman cat is a funny cat with beautiful color. Perhaps according to history, Birman comes from Burma. But it is still a maze of facts. This cat is a cat with medium-length hair. Having hair that smooth and charming. Colors are not clear but still beautiful.

Birman cat at first birth had a white color. But after a week or 2 weeks, Birman color change. Starting from the color change at the point of the nose, ears, and all four feet. This cat has a blue eye color, and eye gaze are smooth and radiant. Change the color of this cat is actually on the 2-year-old cat. It is a funny cat is unique, so cat lovers are not tired of the color of the cat. This cat has a body weight varied between 4 to 6 kilo grams for male cats and female cats weighing less than male Birman.

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