Blue Crowned Conure, Types of a Smart Talking Parrot

Blue Crowned Conure is the full name of the Conure bird, which is a type of smart talking parrot. This bird is named for the color of the Blue Crowned Conure regarded as the crown on his head for Conure bird. There are two kinds of color from the crown of the Blue Crowned Conure bird, the bright blue color that is dark and light, and blue sky. For overall body color predominantly green.

If trained properly, the Blue Crowned Conure parrot species are included in a good speaker, because this Conure birds are highly intelligent and can quickly receive the lessons given. Also Conure bird also has a friendly nature, easy to close and playful.

If kept at home Blue Crowned Conure is a pet bird who is very familiar to the family, but this does not match the green bird kept in an apartment that requires calm, because this green bird sound is very noisy. Blue Crowned Conure bird classified as medium-sized body, with weight ranging between 84 to 130 grams and about 14.5 inches panajng body. Maintaining a green bird is at home to make the house has a different feel.

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