Border Terrier, Cute and Small Dog

Border Terrier is a small dog with thick fur on his body. Border Terrier possess adult height between 28 and 41 cm, other than that this dog has a slightly shorter tail. Cute dog coat color is somewhat unique, and this pet is also very happy to interact with humans, especially children. Therefore, this dog is perfect and good for the kids in the process of socialization. This small dog sometimes has a stubborn nature, however, this cute dog has a good main character and harmony in each person, so the Border Terrier dog suitable for pet at home.

Just as the Bedlington Terrier, pet is also included one dog that has a high enough level of intelligence. This cute dog is considered by some as therapy dogs for the parents, because the Border Terrier has a pretty good adaptability to almost any environment. Excess Border Terrier is that it can run fast. Border Terrier male life span can reach 16 years of age, while females can reach up to 14 years of age. The owner of this cute dog can be trained from an early age, to get them used to all the activities that are quite heavy.

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