Borzoi, Large Dog with Soft and Thick Fur

Borzoi is a large dog that has fur, thick and warm. Pet dog is usually called wolf russia, and he has a body height between 66 to 80 cm or more, by weight of the body that can reach 45 kg. This large dog has a coat color variation which is quite nice and has a calm nature and is not aggressive. Borzoi is a pet dog with a good body resistance.

This large dog has a habit to pursue the things that precede them, but Borzoi dogs that can be spelled out in harmony towards other animals that are smaller from them, so that these dogs are excellent for pet dogs at home. These is a smart dogs and capable of living between 7 to 10 years. Borzoi also includes a pet dog that has a high response, and he has a unique habit, which is like resting on the couch.

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