Budgerigar Parakeets, Pet Birds From Australia

Budgerigar Parakeets is a pet bird from Australia that has a beautiful color. This bird is very interesting because there are fascinating blend of color to the fur. Budgerigar Parakeets often called by the name of Budgie, because it has a blend of green, yellow, and black. Budgie Bird relatively long-tailed little bird.

Budgerigar Parakeets bird weight is between 30-40 grams only, while the body length of only about 18 centimeters. Budgie bird food is very easy to find, because he only ate grains. Budgie including pet birds the most popular types of parakeets in their home country, Australia. Buy your parakeets cage here.

Green Budgerigar Parakeets Bird

Two Budgerigar Parakeets Bird in the Wild

budgie birds

Budgerigar Parakeets Pet Bird

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