Bulldog, Good Pet Dog For Kept at Home

Bulldog is a good pet dog that can be kept at home. This breed was originally a fighting dog with an aggressive attitude and temperament. however, according to the times, these dogs become one type of dog that is friendly to humans and is relatively good. Maintaining this type of dog is not difficult, because the dog lovers enough healthy skin care routine in the whole body and in the face and nose. On the nose Bulldog has a crease, because this dog is a pug dog.

Bulldog in general seem creepy, but very friendly toward humans. With sturdy legs and a stocky body weight about 30 kilo grams, making these dogs as pets are adorable. The colors of pug dog is very varied, some white, brown, Fawn, Brindle, and combinations of these colors with white.

Bulldog is a cute pug dog from the UK which is very exciting. Based on the origin of this dog, the Bulldog is also called Home Bulldog. Age this type of pet dogs can reach about 10 to 12 years if maintained and well cared for.

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