Burmese, Pampered Pet Cat From Burma

Burmese is a pampered pet cat from Burma, Thailand. This cat has 2 different kinds, namely the Burmese American and British Burma. The two Burmese cats were very different in terms of Characteristics. Burmese Americans have a rounded shape on the head, eyes, legs, and has a short snout, while the shape is more oriental British Burma with a triangular snout.

Initially the Burmese have a primary color brown or black only, but according to the breeding, Burmese cats have varying color patterns. From the colors are considered to be Burmese, there is controversy of color, such as plush Cat Association recognizes only the color lilac, brown, blue and gray. Meanwhile, according to the Leadership Council Cat Fancy In England, all the colors that are considered varieties recognized Burmese. Colors are: lilac, brown, blue and gray, red, cream, blue Tortoiseshell, Chocolate Tortoiseshell, Tortoiseshell lilac, and brown Tortoiseshell. Given all these colors, making the cat of this type is rich in beautiful color options, so that cat lovers will be very proud of Burmese cats.

In addition to color and a charming personality, Burmese cat is a funny animal very suitable premises are kept at home are very friendly and courteous to anyone. This cat also has a beautiful voice and very spoiled by their owners.

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