Burmilla, Domestic Cat With Green Eyes From United Kingdom

Burmilla is a domestic cat is cute with green eyes. This cat is a cat-sized with muscular bodies and seem to have short hair. Burmila cat type is derived from the United Kingdom. Burmilla a muscular body with a round face and short muzzle, a cat of this type is quite interesting and matches kept at home.

There are funny stories about the origin of Burmilla cat, which at that time a woman bought her husband a birthday gift in the form of cat Chinchilla, while their neighbors also have a cat with Burmese race. One time, their cat is doing cross and produce a typical four cats. Combined results of a cross between Chincilla cat and  Burmese is Burmilla cat.

Burmilla is jovial cat and not aggressive, that characteristic is a fusion between the characteristic of race Chinchilla and Burmese cats.

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