Caique Parrots, Pet Bird With Attractive Color

Caique Parrots are funny pet bird with attractive color. Caique Parrots of two types derived from the five subspecies. The second bird was Black-headed Parrot and White-bellied Parrot. They have unique characteristics, namely, the habits of birds rubbing their body parts (breasts, wings and face) to things that are considered soft. The habit is often carried out by the White-bellied Parrot and Black-headed Parrot.

Caique Parrots is a pet bird with attractive color. Type of Black-headed Parrot has yellow on the thighs and crissum subspecies found in Parrot Pale. While the subspecies of Black-headed Parrot / Caique has orange on the thighs and crissum with a white belly. In the White-bellied Parrot with Green-thighed Parrot subspecies/ Caique has green legs and tail of the division of. subspecies of Yellow-thighed Parrot/ Caique has beautiful color division of the thighs are yellow and green on the division of the tail. While the subspecies of Yellow-tailed Parrot/ Caique has a yellow color division of the thighs and upper tail.

Beautiful color variations on the five subspecies of the Caique Parrots arouse interest in bird lovers. The colors were presented by the pet bird is very beautiful with harmonious blend colors.

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