Chihuahua, Pet of the Smallest Dog Breeds in Mexico

Chihuahua is the smallest dog breeds in Mexico, and can be kept at home. Chihuahua dog including dogs with thin fur, and when still a baby, this dog looks like a hamster.

Chihuahua dog is the pet of the smallest dog breeds that come from mexico precisely in the city of Chihuahua, in accordance with the name of the dog. The uniqueness of this Chihuahua puppy is the existence of warrants varies, ranging from black, white, three colors, blue and others.

Chihuahua dogs require extra care, because the temperament of these dogs vary from one dog to another dog. Chihuahua mix owned by a person will be different temperament with Chihuahua owned by others. This is in accordance with the temperament that is owned by the parents of the dog. In general, the Chihuahua temperament according to the lineage.

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