Chow Chow, the World’s Oldest Dog Breeds From China

Chow Chow dog is the oldest dog breeds in the world that can be maintained dog lovers. Chow Chow is cute dogs originated from China and is cultivated in the country. This breed is highly preferred by dog lovers who love fur thick and smooth. In addition, the Chow Chow dog also has a unique tongue color is blue-black.

Chow Chow dog is a unique pet in the form of the rear legs are not bent, thus leaving a unique impression when running. When seen a glimpse of the face and fur, Chow Chow like a lion or bear a child. This pet has beautiful colors, namely cream, cinnamon, blue, black and golden red-gold. This Chow Chow dogs weight is about 20 to 32 kilo gram with a high body about 46 to 56 centimeters, the size in general for male and female dogs. Chow Chow dog are arguably the oldest dog breeds in the world and is the pride of dogs in China with a capacity of thickness and softness of its fur.

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