Cockatiel, Funny Pet Birds From Australia

Cockatiel is a very funny pet birds are kept at home matches. Cockatiel is the smallest crested cockatoo with classified into the genus Nymphicus. These beautiful birds come from Australia, and including the smallest cockatoo endemic. Cockatiel Bird has undergone a color mutation that currently has 15 kinds of beautiful colors. Cockatiel that beautiful color covers gray, Yellowcheeked Cockatiels, Pied, Cinnamon, pearled, Albino, Whitefaced, and Lutino.

Cockatiel is a funny bird that has a lifetime of about 15 to 20 years, but some are of an age to reach about 10-15 year lifetime, it depends on the care and health. Although age Cockatiel bird is only about 15 years, but also noted there are up to 36 years old. Cockatiel bird Excellence is intelligence, so the bird is very easily trained by their owners, and many lessons will be easily accepted by Cockatiel bird species.

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