Cockatoo, Beautiful Birds From Australia

Cockatoo is a species of bird that is still one from family Cacatuidae consisting from 21 species. Pet bird has a harsh voice and big, but has the color and shapes that appeal to bird lovers. Cockatoo is a very suitable pets kept at home. because it is a well-known bird in aviculture. Cockatoo Bird is the majority are in Australia, but it can also be found in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and the Solomon Islands.

Cockatoo Bird is the kind of pets that have an easygoing temperament and is a social animal. It’s easy to find fodder for Cockatoo, because the food only whole grains, fruits, and some vegetable crops.

Cockatoo Bird not include pet bird who likes to imitate the human voice, but if trained by an expert then this can be a little bird imitate human speech.

Cockatoo birds including long-lived pets, because these birds can reach the age of 30 to 70 years, depending on the type-type. Beautiful Cockatoo Bird from Australia has a moderate to large size, for those of you who want to maintain Cockatoo, then it will be very exciting, because the bird is easily adaptable and has beautiful colors and interesting.

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