Cocker Spaniel, Unique Dog from Spain

Cocker Spaniel is a unique dog that is often found in the country of Spain. It said unique because Cocker Spaniel dog has long ears, despite his size small to medium businesses. This breed has a color ranging from brown, black, red and black throughout the body. Dogs Cocker Spaniel is very easy to maintain, if the owner is often the body’s attention to health and hygiene Cocker Spaniel. Dog health problems that often appear on the Cocker Spaniel is, if not treated properly, there will be problems in the ear, which often infestation by microbes.

Cocker Spaniel is a dog who can make a cute pet dog lovers happy to maintain it, because his temperament is good. Maintenance this dog is easy, simply by being bathed regularly and place it in the room is enough sunlight.

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