Cymric, Pet Cat From the Isle of Man

Cymric cat is a pet cat resulting from race Manx cat, and comes from the Isle of Man. Cymric cat was initially suspected to be the result of cross from Persia and Manx, because it has a thick fur and long, but actually Cymric cat is not the result of crossbreeding.

Cymric has a sturdy bone structure with body weight ranging from 7 to 13 kilo grams. This cat has a rounded body shape, and round eyes too. The uniqueness of this Cymric cat is a fat body shape and short-tailed Manx cat just like race, even between Cymric and Manx cats can barely be distinguished, because both have a short tail and body fat. Another uniqueness of Cymric cat that likes to moan like a dog when dealing with objects that did not like, and cats are also happy to shiny objects.

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