Dalmatian, Famous Dog in the 101 Dalmatian Movie

Dalmatian dog is cute and famous dog that is often called as Dal or Dali. This breed is very popular in the 101 Dalmatian movies. Since the film did extremely well, Dalmatian pet dog who is famous and popular. Maintaining this dog and see its development is exciting. Observe their development, ranging from newborn Dalmatian puppies to grow into adult dogs.

Dalmatian puppies have a plain white color, over time these innocent dogs have black spots. In addition there are also black-brown spots, but the color spots are rare. Dalmatian has several other names as well pupuler namely, Carriage Dog, Firehouse Dog, Spotted Dog and Dalmatiner Coach. This dog has a unique history of functionality that is before the horse known as the towing carriage, Dalmatian is an animal that can be relied upon to pull the train and even as firefighters. Unique, is not it?. Maintaining a Dalmatian would be proud to know his history, apart from relying on the popularity and unique color.

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