Definition and Types of Pet Reptiles

Reptiles are scaly animals and breed by laying eggs, although there are certain species which breed in the mode of delivery. In general, animals reptiles breathe using lungs, and have a variety of body sizes, ranging from mini size about 1.6 cm (eg mini gecko) up to large sizes such as crocodiles that can reach 6 m in length with a weight of more than 1000 kg.
Animals reptiles known to have properties of “cold blooded”.

For fans of reptiles, this animal species normally used them as pets. Generally, reptile lovers look for on the basis of the unique shape and color of the body, the scarcity of species or endangered species, and size.

Currently animal Reptile occupies nearly all regions of the continent in the world, except Antarctica. There are 4 types of animals that have been recognized as an animal reptiles, including:

1. Crocodilia types whose numbers reached 23 species, such as gavials, caimans, alligators and Crocodiles.
2. Type Sphenodontia from New Zealand with a total of only 2 species.
3. Type Squamata, nearly 8000 species, for example, lizards and snakes.
4. Type Testudines with number 300 species, like turtles and tortoises.

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