Diamond Dove, the Smallest Species of the Australian Doves

Diamond Dove Bird

Diamond Dove birds is one of the smallest species of Australian dove, weighed only about 23-32 grams and has a length of 193-213 mm . This bird has a gray base color and adult birds have white spots on its wings. In the eyes of adult birds have a shape like an orange ring. Adult diamond dove ring thickness can be distinguished by the eye and hair color on their wings. Diamond dove men have gray eyes silver and orange or red rings of 2-3 mm thickness after one year of age, while the female bird tends toward gray brown eyes and has a ring about 1 mm thick.
Diamond Dove Food

When live in the wild, diamond doves usually takes a bit of grain and grass, so you can give grains as supplementary food diamond dove, but the important thing is to always have a drink in the bird cage .

Diamond Doves Cage

For the size of the cage should have dimensions of 13 inches in front, 15 inches in the side , and 17 inches high. Should try to opt for a pigeon coop pelastik , because pelastik material will not rust, so it is safe for diamond doves. Do not forget to give 2 different-sized perch in the cage, so your bird feet are not sore or cramping.

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Australian Diamond Dove

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