Discus, Wild Fish from Amoazon River

Discus fish are wild fish species living waters of the river Amazon. Just like other types of freshwater fish, Discus fish can also be used as pets and became ornamental fish that are kept in the Aquarium. We have many kinds of fish Discus variety of colors produced from crosses with other colors. The collectors of ornamental fish species and still keep looking for the latest color of Discus fish crosses or mutations.

Number of requests and discus fish enthusiasts in different countries, especially Asia which still continues to seek new types, causing the fish cultivation is a major industry in Asia which has a lucrative income prospects.

Several new types of discus fish are still being hunted by collectors of ornamental fish in Asia, namely: Red Malrboro, Pearl Pigeon, Gold Diamond, Angel Blue Diamond, Red Ribbon, Red Pigeon, Snake Skin, and Marlboro.

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