Eagles, Wild Birds That Can Be Maintained

Who does not know Eagles?, wild birds has very elegant posture, strong and muscular. Eagles have eyesight that allows it to see its prey from a height of over thousands of meters. Eagles also have strong wings and big, so he was able to fly longer and travel a great distance. Even in certain species, hawks can cover the distance to 4000 miles without stopping.

Although including wild birds and classified into types of birds of prey, but the eagle can also be maintained, and trained to become domestic birds are under. Having a pet falcon of course very nice because this bird also has a smooth and beautiful fur, so it is suitable to be used as pet birds. Looking for eagle food was not too difficult, because the bird is very fond of food in the form of fresh meat, such as fish meat, beef, chicken, or other. But if it does not exist, alternative food for the eagles is a worm or small rodents.

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