Eclectus Parrot, Funny Bird With Interesting Color

Eclectus Parrot is a parrot native country of New Guinea, and pet birds is quite funny bird with interesting color. Despite having a beautiful color, but there are differences in  color  between the  Eclectus  Parrot  Eclectus  Parrot  male and female. Eclectus Parrot male bird has a bright green color of the majority, while the female Eclectus Parrot has a red color with purple and blue accents.


Eclectus Parrot is a funny bird that has intelligence beyond any other parrot species, therefore this pet bird care requires special care. Bird Eclectus Parrot requires treatment in terms of food, especially vegetables that contain beta carotene, such as corn on the cob, sweet potato and broccoli. Just a suggestion for bird lovers Eclectus Parrot, should pay attention and keep the diet of this bird.

Bird Eclectus Parrot female weighs between 383 to 549 grams, while males reach 388 to 524 grams. Maintaining bird Eclectus Parrot is a very fun if you like bird pets with beautiful colors and interesting variations.

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