Egyptian Mau, a Rare Short Haired Domestic Cat From Egypt

Egyptian Mau is a rare cat that is rated in the short haired domestic cat from Egypt. This cat has a beautiful body shape, lean and muscular, and attractive color. There are five color variations which are owned by this cat, the colors silver, dark gray, smoke, black and bronze.

If briefly seen, Egyptian Mau cat is almost similar to the cheetah (a type of tiger.) Why is that?, because this cat can run faster than other short haired cat, and have almost the same color with the color tiger cheetah. Egyptian Mau Cat can run at speeds reaching 58 km / h, and has a unique sound like crickets. Another uniqueness of the Egyptian Mau is if you’re happy then this cat rear legs can move like he was dancing.

Egyptian Mau is a cat who is considered as the cat gods and goddesses in ancient Egyptian times. This is evident from the many cat statues that serve as their god at the time. Egyptian Mau is now classified as Pet cats are rare and seldom encountered, because the whole world there are only about 3000 types of Egyptian Mau cats.

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