Flowerhorn, Hybrid Ornamental Fish From Malaysia

Flowerhorn is a hybrid freshwater ornamental fish are better known as Louhan. Name Louhan Flowerhorn or fish is very popular for lovers of pet fish, and had become the most popular ornamental fish in the world because of the charm of color and beauty. The uniqueness of the Flowerhorn is that there is a bulge in his head, called the nuchal hump. In addition, this species has a very diverse color variations, and can result in a different color and type when mated with other varieties of fish Louhan.

Basically Flowerhorn fish or fish Louhan not exist in nature, but they are the result of man-made hybrid fish, so fish can not be sought in the waters of any river or lake. Flowerhorn is artificial fish developed in Malaysia and Taiwan, then introduced and marketed all over the world.

Though popular, and a trend are the most popular ornamental fish, but this time Flowerhorn fans began to decline. That’s because it’s too easy fish culture developed, unlike the Arowana fish or other rare fish species, so very easy Flowerhorn owned and widely available in the market.

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