How to Maintain Cat Health

Maintaining cat health is very easy, but it can be very difficult if the owner is not careful about hygiene and diet pet. Pets such as cats are very susceptible to disease if not properly maintained. Even more difficult is because our domestic cats can not talk if he was sick. So, if we love our pet cat, then we ought to keep his health.

Some things to do in maintaining cat health are:

1. Always replace regular cat food 3 times a day, and do not let our cats eat leftovers or spoiled, because it will cause the cat’s abdominal pain and diarrhea.
2. Maintaining cat health routine by giving de-worming for cats, but still note the size of the doses and types of worms that will be eradicated. Eradicate worms in cats will keep our cats from disease and bacteria in the stomach.
3. Always bathe the pet cat with the right shampoo drug.
4. Routine cleaning the cat box or our cat shelter to avoid bacterial germs and bacteria.
5. Clean your teeth once a cat some time, because the cat’s mouth is where bacteria and germs lodged.
6. Always clean the dirty cat ears.
7. And one more thing, do not forget our beloved cat nails cut, because with our domesticated cats nails cut, then he will also be free from germs and bacteria.

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