Jindo, Good Dog from South Korea

Jindo dog is a good dog that comes from south Korea. Consisting of two types namely Tonggol or Gyupgae style and Hudu or Heutgae style. Both these species have differences in body fostur. Tonggol have a muscular body shape and somewhat short. While Hudu has a slender body shape and higher. This breed has a unique species, which is a mix between Tongol and Hudu called Gakgol style.

Jindo dog has a very good nature so often maintained by the people to keep house. Higher dog’s body is different between males and females, females have a high around 45 to 50 cm and males about 48 to 53 cm. The advantages of this dog is its ability to differentiate between the enemy and where the friend for the owner.

Jindo dog has a variety of colors, there are white, brown, gray, black, and striped. Jindo dog white color is not completely white, but ivory color and blend with a light brown color on the ears, is a funny animal. A unique blend of colors on this dog. In addition to the five colors, United Kennel Club recognizes there are 6 white color on the fur Jindo dog. That is a red brown, gray, black and brown, striped like a tiger, black, and white. A lot of color choices make the Jindo dog lovers like to have a dog of this type with a different color.

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