Keep Watchful Eyes On The Health Of Your Puppy

It is of great importance that any puppy owner keeps watchful eyes on his puppy in order to make sure that his puppy is leading a healthy, energetic and disciplined life. This is not a very difficult task to manage. You can easily and quite comfortable set up a routine whereby you monitor your puppy closely maybe in grooming sessions of your cuddlesome partner. There are a few major types of fundamentals that you should examine keenly in order to determine that your cute little companion is not endangered due to any possible health risk or illness.

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So what are some of those signs that need to be monitored? Firstly it is of high significance that you cuddle and love your puppy and while cuddling your puppy make sure to run your fingers and hands through his or her body and coat in order to check for any possible lumps that might be alarming because lumps are a sign that your puppy might have a tumor. Always monitor the body and coat of your puppy especially, after the grooming session so that you can look for any tick or flea that might be residing on the body of your puppy. In case you find fleas or ticks, get rid of them right away. The coat of a puppy should always be silky, healthy and as a result it should look healthy. Nevertheless, if your puppy’s coat seems to be dim and dull even after effective cleaning and brushing session then this might be a sign of a potential illness and must be brought into the notice of your local vet.

Secondly, you should make sure to check the mouth of your cuddlesome friend. The mouth of a healthy puppy never has any kind of sores on his lips or anywhere else inside the mouth. In addition to checking for the sores, you should also check for any kind of tarter building up in his mouth. The gums of your puppy should be pink and if you experience redness or any swelling on the gums make sure that your vet examines it.

When it comes to the eyes of your puppy, make sure that his eyes are clear with no signs or redness. If there are any yellow or red coloration to the white, there might a problem. Moreover, a small amount of discharge from the corner of the eye of your puppy is alright but heavy discharges can cause illness. Hence, consult your vet at once.

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