Keeshond, Intelligent Dog Hairy Wolf From Germany

Keeshond dog is an intelligent dog furry wolf from Germany. This intelligent dog has a mix of silver and black colors as well as other interesting color blend. This breed dogs are classified by body size ranges from 17-18 inches and weight about 46 pounds. Keeshond dog has a head like a wedge shape, small ears, fur smooth and relatively thick, curled tail and has an expressive face. This intelligent dog has a pleasant temperament smart jump and responsive to stimulation obtained.

Because of Keeshond dog have fur like a wolf, then there are some people who call this a pet dog as a wolf. Although hairy interesting, but this dog’s health should always be maintained, especially the fur. Keeshond dog care is very easy, simply by cleaning their feathers regularly. Regarding health issues, Keeshond is very susceptible to skin diseases, lice, epilepsy, hemophilia, heart disease and others. Therefore, Keeshond dogs should be routinely taken and examined to a veterinarian to monitor his health.

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