Lovebirds, the Smallest Parrot From African

Lovebirds are domesticated birds that are categorized into the smallest parrots. These bird have an interesting color, with the majority color is green, and color variations depending on the species of each. Lovebirds have 9 species bird, eight species of Lovebirds come from African countries and one of them come from Madagascar. Lovebird from both countries are differentiated by species and color.

Not much different as birds Conure, Lovebirds have a green color with a circle around the eyes, while the bird’s beak is relatively large and sharp. Lovebird bird have the body size of about 13 to 19 centimeters and body weight ranged from 40 to 70 grams. Although not considered a great speaker, but this lovebird bird could talk if trained properly.

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