Maintain Affenpinscher Cute Dog in the House

Affenpinscher is a cute dog from Germany and France. This is one type of dog fur that has a unique texture. Fur on any part of the face is longer than the fur on the body. For those of you who like to maintain a dominant black dog, the Affenpinscher is the right choice.

Affenpinscher dogs are often called monkeys (Affe in German means a monkey). This dog has a weight of 7-9 pounds and about 11 inches tall with a lifetime of about 11.4 years, according to a survey in the UK. Maintain cute dog in the house is a hobby most dog lovers, but keep in mind the health of the dog. This breed is susceptible to fracture, this is due to its activity. This is a dog that cheerful, happy playing indoor and take a walk with its owner in the park.

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