Manx, Unique Cat With Short Tail

Manx cats premises is a short tail or no tail at all. Cats of this type including a cat unique and very suitable maintained. Manx is a cat that has a shorter body than with cats other races, however, this cat can jump far beyond expectations. Manx cat leap that far due to the strong hind legs and pelvis are sturdy.

Manx may be classified into four types when viewed from a short length of tail, starting from the riser rumpy, rumpy Dimple rumpy, tailed or longy, and Stubby. The fourth type of cat has a distinctive color as well, with color bicolour, colourpoint, tabby and solid.

Manx cats have shorter front legs than hind legs, and has short hair and thick with small ears. Face shape or Manx cat’s head is round, but there is also a square.

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