Oriental Shorthair Pet Cat From United States

Oriental Shorthair is a pet cat race originating from the United States. Cat is quite intelligent, medium-bodied, and short haired, although sometimes found in the Oriental Shorthair cat race who do not have fur. Another name of this cat is the Foreign Type.

Oriental Shorthair is still a family descended from Siamese cat, and the type of cat has a different color. Noted that there are up to 300 different colors of Oriental Shorthair cats. Some common colors that can be found from the type of the Oriental Shorthair are, white, red, brown, beige, black, blue, lavender, cinnamon, or fawn.

Oriental Shorthair has a medium body and muscular, slightly oval shaped heads, big eyes, and have wide ears. There are even some descendants of Oriental Shorthair ears very wide, so it is almost similar with bat ears. The most unique of this kind of cat that is when the moaning and snoring, they are very loud voice. It was marked that they’re happy.

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