Overview About the Rabbit and Its Type

Rabbits are animals that are categorized into four-legged mammal. This species was originally a wild animal that lives in mainland Europe and Africa, then brought humans spread across the continent in various parts of the world, like Asia, America and Australia. In Asia, particularly Indonesia, rabbit animals began to be known as pets or ornamental animals since the year 1835 through the intermediary of the Dutch.

Basically, the race rabbits have two types, wild rabbits and pet rabbits. Wild rabbits are the types of rabbits that live in nature such as forests, as well as having a strong physical shape, but smaller than the pet rabbit. While rabbit ornamental or better known as the pet rabbit, has the size and weight of a great body. In addition, pet rabbits also have a variety of colors and types, because it comes from cross-variety mating, and mutation. In general, pet rabbits are divided into 4 sections which have different benefits, namely,

1. ornamental rabbits to be maintained and sold as ornamental and pet animals.
2. producing rabbit meat to eat meat.
3. producing rabbit fur coat to be used as a wool yarn material.
4. rabbit skin producer, to use his skin.

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