Pekingese or Peke, Small Dog From China

Pekingese or Peke is often called, is the lapdog of China. This breed has a small body size, which is about 6-9 inches and weight ranged from 3 to 6.5 kilograms. This little dog has a flat face, legs bent and the body looks solid. However, this dog is classified as a puppy dog cute and popular.

Pekingese or Peke usually have health problems in the eyes, heart failure and other health problems. Health problems experienced by these dogs must be handled properly, otherwise it can be fatal. This type of dog should be handled and maintained cleanliness of his body, if the dog is rarely cleaned it will be difficult to clean, because there are grooves on the flat face of Pekingese dogs. Peke dog lovers can also choose the preferred color according to its kind. Buy indoor pet house here.

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