Pet Persian Cats, Funny Cat Crosses Results

Pet Persian cat is a suitable pet cats kept at home. This cat has a funny and cheerful temperament and easily adapt to the environment. This cat has two types, the first and the second long-haired short haired, both types are very beautiful.

Persian cat’s body shape is very chunky, has eyes that are rounded and unique from a cat’s eye is the eye color, eye color Persian cat adjust the color to the fur. Unique, no. In addition, this cat also has a large head with a stubby tail and pug nose. Persian cats are very proportionate body. Eyes, nose, legs, claws and his body is a harmonious blend.

Persian cat is the result of crossbreeding with funny Angora cat and several other cats. Persian cats usually have different colors, there are seven beautiful colors that can be enjoyed for Persian cat lovers. Nice body shape describes its quiet, not noisy and always feel comfortable when at home.

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