Puli, the Unique Hairy Dogs for Family Pets

Puli is a hairy dogs that is very unique because it has a thick and curly hair. There are two types of forms Puli dog hair, namely hair curly and coarse hair. Puli has a dark brown oval eyes with long hair can reach the ground in adult dogs. This breed is also considered a good dogs that is suitable for family pets and children.

This dog is a unique animal who likes sports, especially swimming, it is necessary to maintain the health of dogs. Puli dogs care enough to be bathed very simple since only if deemed necessary. Puli dog has a hard dry hair, and if it is dried only by air or rely on weather around (naturally), it takes about 48 hours or 2 days. Therefore, drying hair in Puli can be done with electric dryers. The colors that can be found in Puli is white, black, beige and gray.

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