Ragdoll, a Beautiful Big Cat

Ragdoll cat is a kind of cat who first developed by Ann Baker, from America. Cats of this type is a sweet cat with medium length hair. Although the long-hair cat, this cat does not need an intensive sweep of feathers. Cats of this type is very popular with families, because these cats have a docile and obedient nature.

Ragdoll actually has six different colors, but only four colors recognized by the association. Ragdoll colors are highly variable, ranging from brown, seal, blue, and lilac and two colors that are not recognized association is red and cream color. Ragdoll is a beautiful big cat with tabby weight ranging from 4 pounds to 7 pounds grams grams, whereas male Ragdoll ranges from 5-9 kilo gram.

Ragdoll uniqueness is at birth, the color is pure white cat. But after each passing day, the color of cat is increasingly concentrated.

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